Dacca Overseas


With 400+ production facilities and years of experience, Dacca Overseas Limited (DOL) brings you the entire industry at your fingertips.

  • Dacca Overseas Limited is the pioneer buying house for the Footwear & Leather Goods industry of Bangladesh.
  • Since the beginning of the industry, Dacca Overseas Limited has been serving conventional markets such as USA, UK, Europe, Japan etc. to unconventional markets such as Uruguay, South Africa & others.
  • And behind this lies the adaptability of Dacca Overseas Limited to produce at price & quality levels favored by each client’s unique market.
  • Dacca Overseas Limited is a specialized OEM footwear & leather goods sourcing company for Private Label Retailers and Importers worldwide. With years of experience in working with the most reputed factories of Bangladesh, we ensure the most efficient & satisfying buying experience for our clients in USA, Europe, Middle East & Asia.


Four key considerations for clients behind sourcing from Bangladesh:

Lowest CM (Cutting & Making) Charge Internationally: The cost of making, exclusive of material prices, is the lowest internationally. Just to put it in perspective, it is 70% cheaper than China and 20% cheaper than India.

Duty Free import of goods under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for: EU Nations, China. Australia, Belarus, Canada, Liechtenstein, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russian Federation, Switzerland & Turkey.

Abundant Domestic supply of leather with Internationally Acclaimed Quality for grain structure & tensile strength, helping price and quality of the products.

Convenience: The goodwill of Made in Bangladesh, as proven to the world previously with Ready Made Garments, validates that the diligence and reliability of Bangladeshi producers ensure 100% client satisfaction.