Dacca Overseas


Tell us what you need and where you need it, we take care of the rest

With Dacca Overseas Limited, all the traveling, negotiating, culture and language barriers, quality control headaches, timing concerns and the costs associated with all of the above are no longer an issue.


  1. Get Quote by sending your product image and specifications.
  2. Sample developed and shipped by air to you.
  3. Final quotation and agreement.
  4. Purchase order is placed to Dacca Overseas Limited.
  5. Confirmation samples are sent to client.
  1. Client approves confirmation samples and production starts.
  2. Dacca Overseas monitors production with quality control team.
  3. Production is consolidated and final inspection is completed.
  4. Products delivered to client’s Cargo Agent in Bangladesh port.
  5. Containers on the vessel.
  • Find Manufacturers
    More than 90% of all tanneries and manufacturers in Bangladesh are among Dacca Overseas’ Supplier Network. Clients mention their specific requirements e.g. ISO Certification, Production Capacity etc. to find suitable manufacturers.
  • Negotiation Services
    Manufacturers/Tanneries quote against Sample/Specification Chart, from which the client approves.
    We work out extensive discounts with producers like no place else, guaranteed, since we constantly bring in new orders for them.
  • Sample Development
    We work very closely with our client and manufacturer on the sample development process, ensuring efficient communication and fast air shipping of samples until RED SEAL SAMPLE is approved. We also have in-house sample development department to facilitate the process.
  • QC Arrangement
    You can select among ISO 9000 certified Quality Control Agents to partner in on your project, or use our complimentary in-house quality inspection on every production stage and stay 100% assured regarding quality. We have a spotless reputation till date.
  • Dedicated Production Manager
    A Production Manager is specifically assigned to your project, available and reporting to you from the start till the end of your order procurement.
  • Material Management & Inspection
    Booking of required materials, importing, inspecting and timely arrival for uninterrupted production is ensured and reported.
  • Production Planning
    Meeting held with Production Manager, Factory Personnel and Client to strategize a production plan, which is then documented. The client may choose to participate in the meeting face to face or join live through video conference.
  • Production Reporting
    The Production Manager and related personnel (e.g. QC) stay present at the manufacturing facility since Day 1 of production and until completion, reporting throughout and once a week formally with documented reports.
  • Production Inspection
    Regardless of third party Quality Controlling, Dacca Overseas strictly carries out quality control measures on every single production stage e.g. cutting, sewing, etc. until goods are finally packed for shipping.
  • Packaging Consultancy and Report
    Consultation is provided on packaging methods for efficiency and convenience. Packaging processes are also monitored and reported duly.
        Post -production
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
    Regardless of third party Quality Controlling, Dacca Overseas strictly inspects manufactured goods before shipment in various methods, e.g. Final Random Inspection (FRI) etc.
  • Customs and Red Tape
    Our Administrative Staff handles all customs duties and bureaucratic issues until goods have been shipped.
  • Logistics Support
    Dacca Overseas has its own subsidiary Clearing and Forwarding Agency, which allows full control over logistics, enabling cutting down of expenses and quicker movement of goods. We ensure timely delivery and sending of documents e.g. Vessel Date, Transit-Time etc.
    • Documentation and Legal Support
      With years of experience, there is a streamlined documentation method for the entire procurement process of an order from start to finish. All sorts of legal concerns are handled by our professionals.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
    We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients to withhold ANY information they wish to remain confidential.
  • Business Travel Arrangement
    Our clients often choose to travel to the factories during or before production, where all arrangements are done by us to enable clients focus solely on business.
  • Translation and Business Culture
    Full assistance is provided for translation in meetings and for business culture adaptations.
  • Relationship Maintenance with Manufacturer
    Long term relationship is maintained with respective manufacturers on behalf of clients, so business stays as easy as it is meant to be.